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MBSC has mentoring programs in place to address the social, emotional and cultural needs of the at risk youth within our communities.  These programs use S.M.A.R.T. goals to promote personal development skills, educational support, supplemental life skills learning, decision and problem solving skills. Through one-on-one and group mentoring efforts, relationships are established to extinguish destructive behavior and empower our youth.


Programs Include:

  • Learning to Learn:

    • Learning to Learn is an After-School program that serves a select number of at- risk students who are struggling academically and socially, Participants will be enrolled throughout the school year and will learn to become high achieving students.

  • Cornerstone:

    • Cornerstone is a Suspension/ Expulsion program that serves at-risk youth suspended or expelled from local schools. Student participants will be enrolled in MBSC programs for a short term, during their suspension and/or expulsion from their learning institute.

  • Athletic Enrichment:

    • Athletic Enrichment is a summer program centered on the game of football.  This program not only teaches the fundamentals of football, but also focuses on sports, fitness, character, leadership and life skills

  • Leadership Academy:

    • Leadership Academy is a Saturday program that provides instructional learning and activities to encourage the mentees to understand and develop creative problem solving skills, goal setting, communication and relationship building skills.  


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