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Antonio Stevenson


John Haggler

Jon Haggler is the Chief Operating Officer of H&W Enterprises of NC, LLC. 
Jon started H&W Enterprises December 2004, with the hope of making a 
difference within the community. Jon moved to Winston Salem, NC to attend 
Winston Salem State University, he obtained his Bachelors of Science Sports Management degree in 1996. 

Jon has been part of the Community outreach and Mentorship programs throughout Forsyth County for over 20 yrs. Forsyth County Court Volunteers, My Brothers Second chance. Jon also Volunteers with the Forsyth county school system serving as a mentor to students at various schools in the county.


Zack James, Jr

Zack James Jr is the CEO/Founder of  Flow Child Entertainment an award winning, nationally recognized company that specializes in the production of effective communication solutions. Zack is an experienced, professional television production specialist, editor, music producer, web master and graphic designer. His
experience and education exceed 20 years. After graduating from Winston-Salem
State University, Zack has strived to give back and help the community by mentoring and volunteering.


Dr. Donna Alexander

Dr Donna Alexander has worked in the dental community for 24 years and has focused working with youth since 2000. Having owned her own practice for several years she brings leadership, dedication and commitment to helping our youth population develop into productive citizens. Donna is prepared to contribute. Originally from Winston-Salem she has returned to re-emerge herself in the community to help in the process to engage young adults in projects and task so one day they are leaders.


Danny Piggott

Danny Piggott- Danny is a proud graduate of NC A&T University and has 27 years in education. He’s currently teaching math at Carver High School where he also serves as the Athletic Director. Mr. Piggott has been involved with MBSC since its inception and has also spent the past 8 years working with youth in the Upward Bound program.

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